Us8297020B1 Top Down Trap Lock Two Ply Shingle System

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US8297020B1 Top down trap lock two-ply shingle system

A top down trap lock shingle system that includes a plurality of identical shingles, each shingle having a bottom layer and a top layer permanently attached to said top edge of said bottom layer forming an extended area along the top of the shingle that includes strips of adhesive and said bottom layer having an enlarged nailing or stapling zone that extends beyond the bottom edge of the top layer.

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US4848057A Roofing shingles Google Patents

This invention relates to roofing shingles which are flexible in key areas so that they do not fracture in windy cold conditions and when installing them in cold conditions.... US8297020B1 en... Top down trap lock two-ply shingle system for roofs US9017791B2 en 2008-05-13: 2015-04-28: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, Llc: Shingle blank...

US6874289B2 Starter strip shingle and roof having same

A starter strip shingle of a given vertical width is provided, having a severance line, from which a severance portion of the starter strip shingle may be removed, somewhat reducing the vertical width of the starter strip shingle, such that the installer of roofing material has an option to use full width starter strip shingles, or reduced width starter strip shingles, from the same package of...

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Top down trap lock two-ply shingle system for roofs A top down trap lock shingle system that includes a plurality of identical shingles, each shingle having a bottom layer and a top layer permanently attached to said top edge of said bottom layer...

US20060032174A1 Roofing shingle Google Patents

A roofing system having shingles. The shingles include a front side, a back side, a pair of spaced-apart side edges, and spaced-apart top and bottom edges, an adhesive, and a backing material. The adhesive is applied to a portion of the shingle for affixing the backing material to the shingle and covering a portion of the back side.

US3180783A Fire resistant asphalt coating composition

Total 87.6 Total for shingle 193.2 Upper and lower laminae of 16" wide and 36" long strip shingles having weight distributions similar to the above were laminated together to form shingles as shown in FIGURE 3 in which the bottom lamina 7a extends only 9" above the lower edge with a 7 cutout in the top lamina

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A: Tom Silva replies: Felt paper is typically used in most roofing as a release between the two materials, wood and asphalt. Years ago, it was used on roofs because when sap would come out of the wood, it would break down the "backside" of the asphalt shingles and cause them to deteriorate, which isn't a problem anymore.

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The bottom of the starter strip the part the bottom panel hooks on to should be at least 1 in. below the top of the foundation, but the lower the vinyl siding is installed, the better. It protects the sheathing from rain, snow and pests.

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The same 2 wall molds will yeald the big corrugate building in the corner, and cutting down the build face and sides I will get a smaller building or buildings for the mining area. All I have to do is build up the walls, floor and roofs.

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cable pully system for slide door all galv. cable and stainless eyehooks... Floor 32 x 44 Dug Fur Ply 1/2" Walls are 30" o/s w/45 angle roof We use pt 2 x 4 for the base to prevent rotting.... flip the top down and lock it. Hard durable easy to clean Lacquer black finish.

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Attach plates to each locker door, near top, centered, with at least two aluminum rivets. Attach plates to upper shelf of each open-front metal locker, centered, with a least two aluminum rivets. Attach recess trim to recessed metal lockers with concealed clips. Attach filler panels with concealed fasteners.